October 19, 2012

Watercolors Episode 16: Top 15 Justice League Episodes

My first countdown, as I look at the OTHER superhero super team!

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  1. What? No "Great Brain Robbery"? I wash my hands of this list!

    j/king. Not much for arguing placement, as a lot of these top X lists often cause, but a few comments on choices.

    Wasn't much a fan of Enemy Below because of Aquaman. He was a colossal jerk in this, and certainly didn't display many noble or just qualities. Yeah, even if bad stuff happened to him, it's no excuse. I'll take Brave and the Bold's version a million times over.

    This Little Piggy was the JL team's attempt at a Buffy-style episode, and it was definitely really good. Plus, Batman singing...come on.

    Anything with The Question in it I love. Jeffrey Combs is a really underrated actor (and he stars in one of my fave horror films ever, Reanimator). His crazy charisma really shines through with Q. "The plastic tips at the end of shoelaces are called aglets...their TRUE purpose is sinister!" Just like when I read comics with Batman I hear Conroy's voice, the Question I hear Combs' voice. Loved the way he played off Huntress.

    Divided We Fall: I'd have placed it higher myself. It has some of the most WTF crazy and awesome moments in the series, and a terrific performance by Clancy Brown as a more unstable and disturbed Lex here and throughout several other episodes, rather than just the cool tempered Lex we grew used to.

    Alive: Yeah, the villain vs. villain stuff is fantastic to see. Tala is the biggest whore in ever. Lex dealing with Grodd as the iciest cold mofo was fantastic.

    A Better World is great, but it really just seemed like Brave New Metropolis with the numbers turned up. Although, the character vs. same character interaction made it unique and special. Plus, there's the whole thing where Cadmus was all "SEE?! SEE!!"

    I hated Shayara/Hawkgirl. Full stop. Seemed Timm and co. just wanted to shove her down our throats. Didn't really buy the whole "divided loyalty" thing, either. She sided basically 100% with Thanagar and threw her supposed beliefs in justice to the wind before coming to her senses. Oh, and we still can't get rid of her, considering the revival of the Justice League Beyond in the comics decided to shove the Stewart/Shayara ship down our throats again, rather than just leaving the obvious out there.

    I knew number 1 from the beginning. The world of cardboard speech and probably the best and craziest knock down, drag out fight in the series had to take it. It's a little disappointing that after all that, it wasn't Superman to finally get rid of Darkseid, though...

    I knew what number